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Rita Dell'Omo

Rita Dell'Omo's unconditional love for this work, which she defines "exciting always and anyway," dates back in 2000, when she coordinated the first marriage for her best friend.
At that time, the organization of weddings was a virtually unknown profession in Italy, but her resourcefulness and curiosity took her immediately to want to learn it and explore it through a continuing education - even internationally - initially cultivated as a mere personal enrichment, and later offered solely with the aim to grow professionally from the practical and organizational point of view.
This evolution was concomitant to her long experience in the field of sales and marketing that has enabled her to hone her negotiation, planning and budget management skills, which are at the same time key elements for the design of an event.
Exquisitely focused, pleasantly enthusiastic and gifted with an innate aesthetic sense, she embodies the perfect combination of passion, creativity, impeccable taste, competence and professionalism.
Her events of innovative and timeless design, release a fresh, modern and iconic prospective, always in the respect of a unique and instantly recognizable elegance.

"... The privilege of helping couples to plan an event so memorable and emotionally engaging, giving an exclusive imprint to the interpretation of their dreams, is something that I find very meaningful and rewarding."

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