How a professional italian Wedding Planner works

How I work:

A marriage must be imagined, desired, fully lived and remembered forever. It is the awareness of this great responsibility, in addition to my passion that drives me to work with great dedication and effort, always giving my best for the joy and tranquillity of the couple.

Why contact a wedding planner?
To live the big day without stress and with the guarantee of success that only a professional can give to make everything perfect.

The organization of an event requires a minimum planning of 300 hours, which inevitably must be subtracted from daily commitments without sparing stress or tension. So if it is true that time is money and tranquility is gold because it is busy? I'll be happy to handle all this for you.

Te points of stregth of my work are:

  • Reliability:
    an expert professional. Wedding planning and event design as methodical work and not as a hobby.
  • Competence:
    the organizational direction of an event is much more complex than we think. Making everything go smoothly is an art.
  • Savings:
    who claims that using a wedding planner is a rich thing, will soon have to change his mind. A professional is able to optimize even the smallest budgets, achieving extraordinary results in any case.
  • Creativity:
    it is fundamental in all aspects of planning, from the idea, to the study of the setting, to the design and creation of the objects.
  • Originality:
    every event requires something unique and special. The creativity and the taste are that something.
  • Carefulness:
    you will have only one contact person who will bring your idea and your needs always in the foreground, supporting you in every aspect of the project.
  • Technology:
    today, ignoring the possibilities offered by new technologies (IT, telematics, electronic, etc.) has become unthinkable.
my consulting service will be able to embrace the entire organizational direction of the event, a part of it or even the only coordination of the day, all modulated on your specific needs.
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